When you don’t want to lose your most critical data from your legacy applications, let DAS help you migrate your critical data elements from your legacy system and import them into your New system.

Data migrations occur when computer systems change or upgrade to new systems, or when systems merge (such as when the organizations that use them undergo a merger or takeover). Effectively migrating data requires extracting data from existing systems, mapping data from an old system to the new, loading the data into the new system, and then verifying the data in the new system to ensure it was accurately translated, is complete, and supports processes in the new system.

Data migration is necessary when an organization decides to use a new computing systems or database management system that is incompatible with the current system.

We offer services for database migration for all major database platforms.

When you have Data Migration to be done, DAS can help you in:
> Doing it faster
> Lowering labor expenses
> Reducing lease and maintenance overlap costs
> Minimizing planned and unplanned outages