Once you’ve decided upon a legal software package for your practice or department, the next step is to ensure that you can utilize all the benefits of your new technology. DAS is uniquely qualified to help you make the most of your investment by working with you throughout the implementation and data conversion process.

DAS Client Services brings maximum value to our customers by offering a complete set of Implementation services.Each implementation includes the resources and know-how to steer your organization through the below phases:

We kick off with the TrueComp Readiness Assessment.

This offering is designed for organizations that require custom implementation, significant integration with existing processes and systems, population or uploading of the initial Vault dataset, or roles associated with the DAS solution.

We wrap up with our best-in-class end-user training and support teams, who provide the knowledge and know-how to ensure success.

Post-Implementation Follow-Up:
As a key element of all of our implementation projects, following the deployment, the Professional Services Engineer will maintain ownership of the project throughout the resolution of any remaining open issues pertaining to the deployment. Relevant aspects of the project, particularly those that pertain to product configuration, will be documented in writing for future reference. Once this is complete, the Engineer will follow-up with your project manager for a project completion “sign-off.” Finally, the Engineer will transition your relationship to DAS’s Support Team, who will work with you to quickly address and resolve any future needs.

DAS Software implementations generally fall into one of several standard engagements: Small, Medium, Large, and Custom projects.As part of your implementation effort, we can assist you from installation to customization and training. We can also evaluate your existing client and matter data for conversion. Cleaning up your existing data, and making it available in your new system not only accelerates your team’s ability to work with your new software, but it also improves your productivity by having the correct data available from the moment you start using your systems.

Our goal is to take you from deciding to purchase a software package to utilizing that software to grow your productivity as quickly as possible. DAS Design and Implementation Services leverage a proven methodology, which ensures that we deliver fast, effective services to our customers. Our technical consultants and architects are thoroughly trained to help you fully realize the benefits of your information infrastructure investment.

What we deliver:

  • Accelerated time to value of new technologies.
  • Minimized risk associated with complex implementations.