Drive demand, and then maximize results.

By helping you optimize lead generation and management, DAS helps you stir demand and identify qualified prospects through engaged conversations and fine -tuned marketing campaigns. That drives revenue growth and overall business success. So you’ll not only generate leads and sales, but category leadership.

Lead Generation

How do you optimize demand generation, so you’re making your lead capture more effective? Given the variety of content and audiences you may need to deal with, you undoubtedly seek a streamlined process that helps you readily plan, create and manage demand generation campaigns and seamlessly integrate them into CRM processes. DAS can help you leverage the Marketing Cloud and marketing automation tools to effectively generate and capitalize on more qualified leads.

By leveraging not just our own knowledge but our alliances with top marketing experts, we can drive lead generation efforts that provide that ideal marketing ROI.

You’ll reap the rewards that have enabled DAS’s other clients to capture, store, manage and track critical marketing, sales and customer information across divisions, geographies and channels.