Remote consulting services are for those situations when a full-scale consulting engagement is not appropriate or not desired.

DAS’s Remote Consulting Service connects customers directly with DAS’s best and brightest technical resources. Remote consulting services save you the time and cost associated with travel to your location. Remote Consulting services provide the flexibility you need in today’s fast-paced environment.

The main benefits of the DAS Remote Consulting Services are:
> Reduced Cost
> Customized schedule
> Full DAS Resources
> Interactive web-based conferencing tools

How it Works:
The Remote Consulting Service is flexible and easy to use.  The usual process for using DAS’s Remote Consulting Service is:
> Customer discusses their specific needs with DAS.
> DAS provides an estimate for the amount of time required to complete the work.
> Customer purchases the number of consulting hours they require for their business need.
> If we have not yet discussed the project with the customer, DAS will make an initial contact with customer to determine most appropriate consultant for the customer’s particular needs.
> Designated consultant contacts customer to schedule the initial session.
> Consultant books all web meetings, conference calls, etc. on DAS’s facilities.
> Customer schedules additional meetings at his/her convenience.
> Consultant opens cases or issues (bugs, enhancements) on the customer’s behalf.
> After work is completed, DAS provides customer with a complete summary of the work done.