Community Cloud:

Connect customers, partners, and employees directly to your business.
In today’s internet of customers, it’s not only smart, it’s becoming expected to connect with your customers, partners, and employees online.

Drive Customer Engagement:
Your clients want information at their fingertips – without having to pick up the phone or write an email. Portals and communities give them instant access to you anytime and anywhere.

Integrate your business:
Connect directly with resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales volume. Enable partners to find experts, collaborate on deals, manage funds, and access critical information from any location.

Transform the workplace:
Harness the power of social and mobile to create branded company communities that enable employees to find the information, experts, and apps they need.

App Cloud:

The enterprise app revolution is here and transforming the way we work. With a great idea and the right go-to-market strategy, you can build a revenue-generating business in record time.

So how do companies build their products natively on the Salesforce Platform or integrate them with Salesforce and offer that solution through the AppExchange marketplace? Most don’t go it alone. DAS Consulting provides the technical expertise and organizational know – how to build your product and usher it through security reviews, packaging and successful listing on the AppExchange.

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