Dedicated offshore resources needed by the client will be identified and assigned for the use of the client as per agreed terms.

This is suitable for software consulting and development companies or IT departments of large business houses who like to have an offshore development team or need resources on a short-term or long term basis.

The client approaches DAS with specific requirements for resources. DAS identifies and screens the resources and the details of the same are provided to the client for further screening. The client in turn evaluates these details and interviews the resources. The selected resources are engaged by the client. A fixed price or time and material model can be adopted to engage the resources. The resources allocated to the client will work on the assignments of the client organization and will report to the assigned authority. A mutually conducive communication protocol is agreed upon for reporting to the client. DAS will play an active role in providing the needed infrastructure and support for successful completion of any given venture or need.

This model is perfectly applicable for organizations that have the needed project management resources and skills and would like to reap the benefits of offshore software development. The biggest advantage with this model is that an extended team of skilled resources are available along with the needed infrastructure without the overhead of in-house resources and management. This model apart from adding cost reduction also provides the added benefit of using the time difference globally to your advantage. Also, this model can support both a project specific requirement and an extended team requirement.

DAS believes in strict adherence to best processes, and practices of software development, deployment, and management. We focus on rigorous system specification, and detailed project planning. – Meticulous division of work, roles, and responsibilities between the client, onsite, and offshore teams is critical for project success.

We have systems in place that ensure high visibility, and transparency into activities done offshore. These keep the client team updated, and informed. We ensure effective, and frequent communication regarding project status, resource allocation, and technology developments, through e-mails, conference calls, weekly updates, and other well defined regular reporting procedures.

Given the time zone differences, we feel that the onsite and offshore teams require a certain amount of time overlap at a minimum.

Typically the offshore team has some members working with their client counterparts, in order to provide the direct access at a time convenient to the client – this makes the offshore team easily accessible, and available, making it a virtual extension of the client’s engineering team. It is critical to escalate early enough, in case of any issues or bottlenecks during the different phases of the SDLC. This ensures that the client is equally involved, and informed at all times, and keeps the expectations in check.

Our engagement models are based on your individual needs and span across project based engagements, to building your own – team of dedicated software developers, offshore development center or forming your own software company/subsidiary overseas.