Find the Solutions that Optimize Sales
A smartly integrated CRM system streamlines all phases of your sales process. But when implemented with a broader vision , your CRM platform should give you the power to dynamically and responsively manage sales in ways that open up new insights, opportunities and efficiencies. That’s where DAS Consulting and Sales Cloud come in.
We’ll provide the integration and alignment your enterprise needs to not just optimize the process of selling, but to unleash the top-down capabilities of Sales Cloud to effectively manage Leads and Opportunities from a near-term and long-term perspective.
That drives revenue growth and overall business success.

Lead Management
DAS can help you increase your revenues and competitive advantage by leveraging our expertise in optimizing CRM processes, so you’re extracting the maximum value from every customer.

We’ll show you how to increase lead flow via marketing automation tools and a consistent, quality customer experience. At the same time, we’ll help you reduce costs associated with managing those leads, and efficiently integrate your sales, marketing and service activities using Sales Cloud.

Opportunity Management
Now that you’ve created the opportunities, you’re trying to follow the processes you know give your company the best chance for success. At the same time, you are trying to marshal the collective wisdom of your company to propel sales forward.

DAS helps to ensure you have the processes and systems in place to effectively track and prioritize sales activity and qualification through the sales pipeline. We leverage Sales Cloud to enable measurement and proper management of your pursuits. We also empower your organization with Chatter, a revolutionary tool for enterprise level collaboration, wrapped around the core functionality of Salesforce.
Working in concert, these processes and systems move your targets from leads to opportunities to Wins.

Partner Portal
Building an environment that mitigates channel conflict and focuses your partners creates mutual business value.

Does that sound like a tall order? That’s where DAS comes in. We start by helping you understand where channel conflicts occur and we establish consistent processes to avoid them, creating a new paradigm for channel interaction.
Then, we leverage technology-enabled strategies to support those processes. The tools we build provide accurate, up-to-date information, make channel interactions efficient and boost productivity.